Art All Day is an initiative to collaborate with the University of the Arts alumni, students, faculty, and staff to promote the sale of their works through the Store. It is an opportunity to show the community who we are, what we can do, and most importantly where we are going; not only as a university but as a creative society. It is our mission to cultivate, support, and empower the network of artists here at the University of the Arts so that they might continue to grow and flourish well beyond what they ever believed possible. This initiative serves as a reminder to make art in everything that you do; wherever you go and whoever you become along the way. The University of the Arts proudly supports you; from start to finish.

COVID-19 & Store Purchases

Under the guidelines set by the University, and in accordance with commerce measures put in place by the city of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania, the UArts Store and its online equivalent will be closed starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020, until further notice. All orders placed during this time will be reviewed and processed when business resumes.

Art All Day